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  • An1magine

    An1magine ISSN: 2502-3381. Jurnal majalah bulanan populer seni, desain, animasi, komik, novel, cerita mini, dan sains ringan yang dikemas dalam format education dan entertainment (edutainment). Jurnal majalah An1magine ini dapat diakses secara gratis (open access).


  • An1mage Jurnal Studi Kultural

    An1mage Journal Studi Kultural  (AJSK ISSN: 2477-3492) Call for papers. AJSK is in an Open Access System.  Submit your critical research report in revealing myths, fighting for the weak and marginalized against the oppressor. The majority is not always strong, the minority is not always weak and marginalized. Let's build Earth civilization with a critical mind, a creative mind, a strong analysis, and with a great mind to be equal.

    AJSK scope in social sciences such as economics, politics, communications, policy, psychology, philosophy, culture, art, entertainment, and technology. AJSK is not only for social science but also the exact science because inexact science there is also a construction of myths that must be dismantled (deconstruction) from another perspective and more critical. The exact sciences are neither dogma nor religion, exact sciences continue to thrive on new discoveries. The submission fee includes a publication fee of a million rupiah, the transfer is made after the manuscript is accepted only.

    Download AJSK Template here 

    AJSK fullback issues


  • An1mage Jurnal Studi Desain

    An1mage Jurnal Studi Desain (AJSD ISSN: 2597-9647) menerima karya di bidang seni, desain, dan kebudayaan yang kritis, menguak mitos, membantu yang lemah dan terpinggirkan (termarginalkan) dalam melawan balik dari ketertindasan di berbagai bidang seni dan desain secara luas. 

    Cakupan (scope) AJSD adalah seni, desain, dan kebudayaan secara sains sosial, teknik-teknik (cara) dalam seni, desain, dan kebudayaan secara teori, sains terapan (applied science), dan terobosan teknik (cara baru) dalam seni, desain, dan kebudayaan yang luas. Submisi termasuk publikasi dikenakan biaya sebesar satu  juta rupiah, transfer dilakukan hanya setelah naskah accepted

    Silakan unduh format template AJSD. 

    Lalu kirimkan via email ke: [email protected] atau melalui website ini: https://journals.an1mage.net/index.php/ajsd/ dengan meng-click tombol make a submission, lalu ikuti langkah selanjutnya.


    Pesan Satu Volume Publikasi silakan unduh di link berikut


  • International Journal of Multimedia Study

    International Journal of Multimedia Study (IJMS ISSN:2598-2109) emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm to provide a smart multimedia computing life services and cultural for benefit of humankind in graphic design, motion graphics design, movie design, audio design, communication, technology, theory, applied, visual, traditional, digital, and multimedia anytime, anywhere.

    International Journal of Multimedia Study provides a chance for academic, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of multimedia including models and systems, new directions, novel applications associated with the utilization, and acceptance of smart computing devices and systems.

    International Journal of Multimedia Study bridging the gap of users who do not have access to major databases where one should pay for every downloaded article; this online publication platform is open access to all readers as part of our commitment to global scientific society. The submission fee includes publication fee 300 USD, transfer the fee once your manuscript is accepted.

    Please dowload the IJMS template here.


    • Graphic/visual Design theory, techniques, and application in traditional, digital, and or multimedia,

    • Audio Design theory, techniques, and application in traditional, digital, and or multimedia.

    • Motion Graphics Design theory, techniques, and application in traditional, digital, and or multimedia.

    • Movie/video Design theory, techniques, and application in traditional, digital, and or multimedia.

    • Games, applications, and software’s programming.

    • Access smart multimedia control in a ubiquitous environment

    • Commercial and industrial in multimedia security

    • Context awareness multimedia model for ubiquitous Service

    • Multimedia Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence

    • Multimedia Distance education solution

    • Multimedia e-business and other applications

    • Multimedia Embedded System Architecture

    • Multimedia Embedded Systems and Infrastructure for smart ubiquitous computing

    • Multimedia Fuzzy neural networks

    • Multimedia Hardware/Software Co-design

    • Multimedia Home-network applications

    • Multimedia Human-computer interaction and embedded systems

    • Industrial Multimedia Applications of Computer Graphics

    • Industrial Multimedia and IT applications

    • Multimedia and smart intelligence service

    • Multimedia and smart Internet application

    • Multimedia and smart IPv6, Forensics for ubiquitous

    • Multimedia and smart key management and authentication in Ubiquitous Environment

    • Multimedia and smart learning and content management systems

    • Multimedia and smart middleware design techniques

    • Smart Mobile/wireless computing & applications

    • Modeling issues and case studies

    • Multimedia database

    • Multimedia and smart information security

    • Multimedia and smart programming application

    • Multimedia and smart software engineering

    • Multimedia and smart systems

    • Multimedia and smart network security issues and protocols in Ubiquitous Environment

    • Smart neural network models and algorithms

    • Smart Object-oriented theory and techniques

    • smart Security in U-commerce

    • Multimedia simulation techniques for embedded systems

    • Telemedicine system solution

    • Ubiquitous smart multimedia security

    • Ubiquitous smart sensor network

    • U-business and other applications

    • Use of embedded systems for smart ubiquitous computing

    • Multimedia and smart web-based cooperative work

    • Multimedia and smart wireless communication and networks

    • Holographic technology

    • Other Smart, Multimedia, and IT applications

  • Equality: International Journal of Cultural Studies

    The Equality International Journal of Cultural Studies (EIJCS) seeks submissions from academia, government, and industry presenting novel critical research results in all practical and theoretical aspects of cultural and culture in any field.

    Research Report Papers should be related to the creative thinking, critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, fighting myths, fighting bad marginalization, fighting bad hegemony, fighting bad radicalism in any field for a better future of humanity, speciesity, and for our environment. Theoretical papers must make a convincing argument for the relevance of the results to secure systems.  Submission fee 350 USD

    Submit your paper click here or send to [email protected]


    Paper Submission Process

    Submissions must be made by the deadline on June 25, 2019, 23:59 UTC-11. The review process will be carried out in double review phases.

    Submitted papers must not substantially overlap papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal, conference or workshop. Simultaneous submission of the same work is not allowed. Note that submitted papers cannot be withdrawn from the process after the first phase reviews are received by authors. Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their papers will be published in the journal.


    Paper Format

    Please send your research report paper submission at most seven pages to [email protected] and then we will send you AIJCS template format. 

  • International Journal of Entrepreneur Study

    International Journal of Entrepreneur Study (IJES) ISSN 2615-2770 is an open access professional journal that encourages latest research on the entrepreneurial system, entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship globally. Affiliated to An1mage International Entrepreneur Community Study.

    The journal adheres to double blind peer review process to maintain quality and originality. IJES publishes theoretical and or applied study in international entrepreneurship as theoretical and empirical research.

    International Journal of Entrepreneur Study aims to cater to the needs of higher managerial cadres in the business and industry. Apart from focusing on the needs of academicians, professional bodies and business and management schools, the journal is resourceful for scholars, researchers and students in this field.

    The journal scope wide range of topics in this field, including but not limited to entrepreneurial, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship & family businesses, start up businesses, non profit businesses, profit maximization, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial ideas, real estate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial economics, entrepreneurial networks, entrepreneurial venturing, entrepreneurial risk and reward, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and economic development.

    IJES Template can be downloaded here.